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We provide insulation services in Amarillo, Tx. Our plant based insulation is made from milo crops and is a much safer option for your family.

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Let us come and look at your existing attic! Home insulation services in Amarillo, TX are different from home to home. Let us help you so we can determine what you need for attic insulation installation.

Save Money Annually

Here’s the bottom line. The cost of milo insulation is not cheap, but better quality & quantity of insulation will save you money annually on utility bills because the air you pay for stays more efficiently.

100% Green Product

We use milo insulation which is plant-based, so it is 100% Green and Renewable. Unlike most attics in Amarillo, TX that have chemical injected insulation, our product is safe because it is derived from plants.


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Did you know that almost 90% of homes are insufficiently insulated? When this is the case, you will be allowing your money to be wasted on utilities because the air will leak out of your house and increase your overall bill. And we know the quick weather changes that occur in Amarillo. With our all natural milo insulation quality and quantity, the money you save annually on utilities will be significantly noticeable here in the Panhandle of Texas.


Have you ever noticed those certain rooms in your home that always seem to be hotter or colder than the rest of the house? This is because the insulation in each room varies. So this is a big indicator that you have insufficient insulation in your home. Let’s set up a free in-home estimate so we can insulate your attic sufficiently.

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Our Insulation in Amarillo, TX is 100% Green Product

More About Our Insulation services in Amarillo, TX

Our attic insulation is good for Residential Homes as well as Multi-Residential Buildings. It is also used in Commercial Buildings and can be utilized in Metal Buildings & Barns as well.

Because of the finishing process of our natural insulation puffs, our Insulation is Fire-retardant. So you can have peace of mind, because you know that your family can be safer.

Another added benefit to our all-natural insulation is that it is Insect and Rodent repellent. The finishing process removes the protein and sugar from the plant-based puffs, making them a non-food for little creatures. So the creatures end up being repelled from the attic area because the lack of food as well as the boric powder in the puffs.

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