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Milex is the most effective home insulation material in Amarillo, Texas.

why Milex

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Virtually unshrinkable

Milex looks like packing peanuts. Each peanut consist of thousands of tiny air pockets. Because the air is trapped inside, it cannot escape. For this reason, the product is virtually unshrinkable. Once it is installed, after it settles, it maintains its r-value for the life of the home. The product is backed with a lifetime 100 warranty which is 100 years or the life of the home.

fire and pest proof

Milex gets tumbled in naturally occurring boric acid which has a multi-purpose. Boric acid acts as a flame retardant, and it also repels insects and other pest. To add, during the production process, all of the sugars get removed, so rodents are naturally not attracted to Milex. We have done all of the necessary testing to ensure the safest option for your home.

Residential Insulation

Many Amarillo homes are insufficiently insulated. It’s not uncommon for a home to have orignal insulation. Traditional insulators have a lifespan of 10 years. Call today to schedule an insulation inspection.

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Commercial Insulation

Milex works great in commercial properties as well as residential. If you own a business and would like a free inspection of your commercial building, call our insulation technician today to schedule.

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Insulation removal

It is recommened that you remove the old insulation from your home or businiess prior to installing Milex. At that poijnt, we can foam seal the seams and cracks in your attic to prevent dust and allergens.

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Builders & new construction

Milex is the future for new homes

We work with new construction builders across the Panhandle and Amarillo. Builders are making the switch from fiberglass to Milex as Milex provides better long term results, is installed quickly and efficiently, and is an all natural, green product. We hope you will consider making Milex your signature product for all of your residential or commercial new builds.

Milex is a great way to show value to new home buyers as they will not need to worry about their homes insulation going forward. Thats one less home neccessity that will need to be factored into your customers future financial outlook. Get in contact with our insualtion technician today to discuss moving forward with Milex as a permanant solution for all your future builds.

Replaced attic insulation in attic. Crew worked quickly and efficiently. Got the R factor to 38. This has made a significant difference in the interior of the house! It stays cleaner and the air seems fresher. I’m anxious for the next utility bill to see what difference is post-new insulation!

I have noticed a significant improvement in my home. Very professional, on time, worked nonstop except for a lunch break the first day (removing all old insulation- it was a MESS!). Worked nonstop the 2nd day – blowing in the insulation. I don’t hesitate to recommend to anyone and everyone.

We recently had additional insulation added in our attic space. There was a noticeable difference. The installers arrived on time and completed the project within a couple of hours. I recommend Milex to everyone considering a new house or additional protection in their home.

frequently asked questions

why is milex a better solution than fiberglass

Blown in Milex is a much better long term solution than fiberglass for a few reasons. It is more cost effective. Because Milex does not shrink or flatten, it maintains it’s r-value for years and years. Whereas, fiberglass, as well as other traditional insulators, will lose more than 50% of it’s original r-value after roughly 10 years. Fiberglass will need to be replaced. Milex will remain effective for the life of the home. This means that you will also be spending less on energy as Milex will continue to insulate your home properly. Milex is a green product and 100% free of any toxic chemicals., and it does not cause skin irritation.

how does milex compare in cost with other solutions

Milex is what we call a middle of the road solution. Spray foam being by far the most expensive solution at $1 more a square foot than Milex, and fiberglass being the cheapest solution, Milex prices about 15 cents more a square foot than fiberglass. The up front cost may be slightly higher than fiberglass, but the long term cost calculations prove that Milex is the most cost effective solution on the market.

what is the benefit of removing the old insulation

The benefit of removing the existing insulation from your home is that upon doing so, the attic floor will be exposed, and our crew will then be able to foam seal the seams and cracks that result from home age and shifting over time. Foam sealing the attic floor will work to prevent dust and allergens entering into your home from the cracks in your ceiling. Your home will be an air tight space for your family to breath freely, and without the concerns of unwanted air particles that will surely cause sickness and dirtiness in your home.

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Have you noticed those certain rooms in your home that seem to be hotter or colder than the rest of the house? This is because the insulation in each room varies. This is a big indicator that you have insufficient insulation in your home. Let’s set up a free in-home estimate so we can insulate your attic sufficiently.

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